GWA German Troops

3. Kompanie / Infanterieregiment Nr. 63

Das Infanterie Regiment
“Kaiser Karl von Österreich und König von Ungarn”
(4. Oberschlesisches)

Our unit is the 3rd Kompagnie, Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 63 (IR63) and we are a charter unit, and the oldest unit, in the Great War Association (or the GWA). The GWA strives to honor the original participants of the First World War through battle reenactments and educational activities.

Infanterie-Regiment 63 may be seen by the public at special events around the country. But membership in the organization is best appreciated at the privately owned Great War Association battlefield located near Newville, Pennsylvania.

Our goal is to learn history by experiencing as much of it as we can. We accomplish this by not only by accurately recreating the appearance of the typical infantryman, but also through researching and demonstrating his daily life, duties, and occasional pastimes as he experienced them at and near the Front.

As members of the IR63 we feel a source of pride in belonging to the oldest and one of the most authentic Central Powers units in the GWA. Our members have a special spirit of fellowship that binds each member to his Brothers-in-Arms and allows him to fully understand the true meaning of the German term "Kameradschaft!"


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Unit Commader/Contact:
Steve Lehmann
Home: (519) 371-9780

Unit Recruit Coordinator:
Randall Chapman
Home: (804) 560-6852

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