GWA German Troops

8. Kompagnie
Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 459

Welcome and thank you for you interest in our World War One Reenactment and Living History Group, known as the 8 Kompagnie, Infanterie Regiment Nr. 459 (IR459). IR459 is a group that allows collectors and historical interpreters to come together and explore the "Art of Trench Warfare."

We have been in existance for over 10 years and have been considered to be one of the more authentic units within the Central Powers in the Great War Association (GWA).

We have been known to "jump" outside that normal reenacting box that has made reenacting as we know it as "stale." Because of this we try to bring the smallest attention to authenticity and pay attention to the smallest detail. We also and most importantly, have been bringing the FUN back into reenacting but at the same time, we try to "do it right" and instill in others a drive to do the same!

We participate in two annual living history & tactical events that are hosted at the Great War Association's Battlefield in Newville, PA. Also participate in Military Through The Ages, a timeline "juried" living history at Jamestown Museum in Williamsburg and a couple other smaller events along the East Coast.

Our Membership in IR459 is open to all males, 18 years of age or older.

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Unit Commader/Contact:
Frank James
Home: (757) 548-2183

If these eyes could talk what story would they tell? Men from 8 Kompagnie, IR459.

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