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3. Kompagnie
Infanterie-Regiment König Wilhelm I.
(6 Württembergisches) Nr. 124

Infanterieregiment 124 is a WWI German reenactment unit based out of the Carolinas and Virginia formed in 2001 out of the historic IR 63. With little emphasis placed on non-Preussen and Stoßtruppen units within the Great War Association, IR 124 was created to broaden the spectrum of historical units, while at the same time, to form a unit created for special operations against the Allies.

9. Kompanie, IR 124 was the Kompanie Leutnant Erwin Rommel started the First World War in. In an attempt to honor him and the men he served with, we recreated this distinguished unit. For the latter part of WWI, where the GWA spends so much of their interest, our unit is a regimental Stoßtruppen unit for the purposes of trench raids and attacks with a limited objective.

Members of our unit are unique in that we either prefer to hang out in camp drinking and socializing or coducting trench raids. While we enjoy the reenacting experience, we are not first person impressionists and, in the trenches, we enjoy either horseplay or action, whichever is the current objective of the minute. While WWI is not our primary impression, we do enjoy the historical aspects of it and we strive to ensure our impressions are top notch.

Our philosophie is to portray the ordinary German imperial soldier as he was - and soldiering is a universal experience, whether it is as a Spartan soldier, Roman legionaire, Viking warrior, medieval crusader, Italian sailor, Spanish conquistador, Chickasaw Indian warrior, British infantryman, American patriot artilleryman, Confederate cavalryman, German Stoßtrupp, Marine amtracker,

American paratrooper, German Panzergrenadier, or Japanese Naval Infantryman. We enjoy the battles, but more importantly, we enjoy the Kameradschäft of our members.


Unit Contact:
Douglas Landree
(Dietrich Landrik)
Home: (775) 335-6490

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